Indications:   For partially healed wrist fractures or non displaced simple wrist fractures. For athletes just coming out of a rigid cast that are competing in contact sports such as football

Materials: 3M Soft cast

1” Stockinette for thumb

2” Stockinette for arm

2   2” rolls of 3M Softcast

Strips of moleskin to pad the univaled area and to adhere the stockinette to the cast surface

Zip stick for cast removal

Length:  Cast may be gauntlet or short arm length.

This cast is univaled and is made to be removeable so the athlete may wear the cast during full contact practice or actual games. Cast is held in place with an ace bandage and may include additional padding on the outside of the cast provided by the athletic trainer.

APPLICATION:  Cast is applied in much the same way as a regular short arm cast.  However only stockinette is used, no webril.  Apply thumb stockinette, then apply stockinette over arm.  Apply 3M Soft cast directly over stockinette forming a short arm cast.  Mold well in palm area while fiberglass is setting.  Allow cast to set and in about 10 minutes take the cast saw and univalve the volar aspect. You may want to use a Zip stick to place between the patient’s skin and the stockinette while removing the cast. There is minimal padding and the saw blade will tend to become warm when removing cast.  Once cast is univalved, take cast spreader, pop open cast and remove the cast from patient’s arm.  Apply strips of moleskin over the univalved cut of the cast which also anchors the stockinette in the cast.   Patient will be able to flex the cast open and place his arm back inside the cast and the cast is then overwrapped with a 2 inch or 3 inch ace bandage. 

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